Our vision for the children at Evangel is that they learn to Know, Love, and Serve. We want to see each child come to the knowledge of Jesus and to understand the Bible, we want to see each child develop a love and a passion for Christ, and we want to see each child serve Christ with their whole heart.

We encourage families to take advantage of the Mother's room at the South end of the lobby, our nursery for children 7-24 months, our First Steps program for 2-5 year olds, and Embark ministries for grades 1-4.



This is our ministry for students in grades 5 and 6. During the message on Sundays, we have our own small groups that meet in the Fireside room - watch for the FiveSix dismissal after the announcement video. As well, we meet several times a year after the Sunday morning gathering to do fun activities such as Fear Factor, Swimming, Laser Tag, and more! Contact us to be put on the mailing list to receive updates and event info.





Youth at Evangel is a place to connect. Our main events happen Wednesdays at 7:00pm. These gatherings usually includes games, music, teaching and hanging out! Join our Facebook group and follow us on Instagram for updates and info.


Young Adults

We recognize the value of community for those recently out of school. Small groups are the primary way we get our young adults connected. Without a tight group of friends it's easy to feel out of place, and we would love the chance to get to know you.



Young Families

Evangel believes in marriage! We understand that building a successful marriage can be very difficult, but we believe it is worth the effort.  We would be honoured to be part of your journey! Here's a few things that we can help with:

1. Equipping Individual Couples. This happens through our Marriage Mentoring program.

2. Empowering Small Groups. We have a place for you in one of our Young Family small groups!

3. Inspiring Married Couples in larger groups. We host various activities such as Couples Night Out around Valentine’s Day, random Pop Up Date Nights, parenting seminars, and monthly Games Night.




Ministry to Men, or M2M for short, is a gateway to find what it means to live beyond ordinary manhood. How is it done? Is it worth the risk? The keys to these and other questions are discovered when men commit to and invest in each other. M2M will help you get it done!



Monday Night Bible Study. This is for women who want to go deeper in the Word. 7:00pm - 9:00pm at Evangel each Monday beginning in September!

Women In Touch, or WIT for short, is a group that runs during the school year on Wednesday mornings at 9:00am, beginning in September. It offers engaging book studies, fellowship, special events, and meaningful support as we grow in this lifestyle of faith - all in a safe and friendly environment. Childcare is provided.

Women's Retreat. Each Spring we book a weekend at Camp Nakamun to socialize and recharge as a close community of believers, this gives us a chance to worship and pray together in a fresh setting.



Enjoy Ministry meets Tuesdays for a great lunch and Bible study with Pastor Larry. It costs $10 and runs from noon to 2:00pm in the Fireside Room, beginning again in September. We finish each year with a fun day-trip and picnic that has proved to be an important part of building meaningful relationships within Evangel. We would love to have you join us!


Pastoral Care

This ministry exists to encourage you as an individual to grow in Christ, to enrich your life with biblical teaching within a healing community, and to empower you to experience God's direction in your life. 

We want you to become familiar with the many ways we are here to serve you; whether you need help with counselling, visitation, prayer, or other care needs, we would love for you to contact us.


Small Groups

We are a church OF small groups, not simply a church WITH small groups. We think it's important for every believer to be in close community with other like-minded people. Let us know if you would like help finding a group to join.

BIG things happen in small groups!



Throughout the year we throw a couple of parties for our neighbours! These include the Family Day Carnival and Summer Block Parties. We also provide for the needs of those in our community through tutoring elementary students and teaching ESL classes. ESL will resume in January 2017, stay tuned!

In addition, we are proud to support SideDoor Youth Centre that we host in our gymnasium and fireside room. Visit for more info!



At Evangel, we believe that God has called us to emphasize the needs of those around the world who have had the least opportunity to hear the Gospel. We often send groups on short term missions trips, we give substantially to global workers, and we host a conference annually to promote awareness and allow our community to remain connected to what God is doing in the rest of the world.