At Evangel, we believe that God has called us to emphasize the needs of those around the world who have had the least opportunity to hear the Gospel. We often send groups on short term missions trips, we give substantially to global workers, and we host a conference annually to promote awareness and allow our community to remain connected to what God is doing in the rest of the world.

This organization seeks to Glorify God by developing processes to overcome barriers to language and cultural rights for all indigenous communities in Colombia. Bringing others to believe in Jesus Christ while overcoming these barriers, aiming to know the Word of God and be transformed by it.

The FDPM promotes, advises, and implements projects and language programs. Training and the production of printed and audiovisual materials ensure the use and understanding of Scripture in the indigenous communities of Colombia in their mother tongue.

For 100 years, Canadian Pentecostals have obeyed the Great Commission and followed Jesus to the ends of the earth. They have brought hope and life by preaching good news to the poor and reflecting the love of God in their lives. Our team of more than 350 global workers remains committed to changing nations through transformed people by the power of the Holy Spirit.

The IHS World Orchestra is a unique, non-profit mission dedicated to bringing joy to audiences in different countries of the world. The core orchestra musicians are augmented by local musicians in the countries they visit. The orchestra has performed in Canada, Kenya, England, Norway, Poland, Germany, Switzerland, Bulgaria, Cuba, Israel, Austria, and Czech Republic.

The RAN Network exists to glorify God by mobilizing, preparing and deploying effective disciple makers to serve among the peoples of the world that are known to be UnReached and even UnEngaged with the gospel of Jesus Christ. RAN is a global participant providing access to places where the church of Jesus does not yet exist. RAN’s purpose is to make Spirit-filled disciples and plant multiplying fellowships of indigenous believers, particularly where a non-missionary identity and pioneer approaches/creative strategies are required.