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Jesus told us that those who chose to follow Him would be persecuted.  The Apostle Paul confirmed this in his writings in 2 Timothy 3:12 where he stated "all who desire to live a godly life will be persecuted".  What does this really mean?  How can we, who live in the peace of Canada, understand the reality of suffering for Christ in a world where some 90,000 followers of Jesus lost their lives last year simply because they were Christians?  And what does Jesus teach us to do in response to that reality?

Join us during the days of our 2017 Missions Conference as we 'Learn from the Persecuted'.  Together, we will find a treasure of life-giving truth that will call us to follow Jesus more deeply.

See you there.

  • October 27 @ 7:00pm - Dr. Jessica Semper at The Refuge Student Ministries
  • October 29 @ 10:00am - Kevin Garratt at Evangel Assembly
  • October 29 @ 6:00pm - The Insanity of God viewing (Trailer)
  • October 31 @ 12:00pm - Enjoy Ministry
  • November 1 @ 9:00am - Women In Touch
  • November 4 @ 6:30pm - Solitary Refinement (Voice of the Martyrs)
  • November 5 @ 10:00am - Greg Musselman at Evangel Assembly
  • November 5 @ 12:00pm - Taste of the World


At Evangel, we believe that God has called us to emphasize the needs of those around the world who have had the least opportunity to hear the Gospel. We often send groups on short term missions trips, we give substantially to global workers, and we host a conference annually to promote awareness and allow our community to remain connected to what God is doing in the rest of the world.

Here are a few organizations we support!