Facility Rental Policy

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Part I   Facility Rental Policy Overview

Policy Purpose:  To ensure that Evangel Pentecostal Assembly (EPA) facilities are well managed and used in ways which both glorify Jesus Christ and are consistent with our Guiding Values.

EPA is committed to being an active member of the community in support of community events.  Because of this, we want to make our facility available to the people not only of our assembly, but also to the community at large.  This policy has been put in place to reflect this priority while protecting our own values and beliefs.

This Policy and the fees contained herein have been designed to make our facility as accessible as possible.  In our opinion, our rates have been purposely set at or below market value.  While we recognize these costs may still be prohibitive to some users, this policy is our best effort to balance our values of accessibility and fairness with obligations as a religious and charitable organization. 

EPA will not charge for the use of its facilities for activities directly related to ministry.  In addition no charges will be levied for special fellowship events open to the majority of the members and adherents of EPA.  Subject to availability, EPA will not charge facility rental fees for funerals, however fees will be charged for technical support as required/requested (ie. sound, lighting, video, switchers, camera).  Additional fees will be charged for costs associated with a reception following the service.  All other activities will be subject to the fees listed herein.

All rentals are subject to all terms and conditions hereafter as defined in this policy.

Guidelines and Prioritization of Facility Use

All requests for use of EPA facilities will be prioritized and considered in the following order:

  1. All EPA events and activities that are under full authority, control and supervision of its staff or volunteers;

  2. Weddings & Funerals (subject to approval of the Lead Pastor or designate of EPA; all weddings performed on EPA property shall conform to the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman as per EPA wedding policy.  All officiating ministers or marriage commissioners must be approved by the Lead Pastor (or designate) of EPA.

  3. Not-for-profit and other charitable groups with similar purposes, who in word and deed align with the charitable purposes of EPA;

  4. Government, private and for-profit groups (who will not sell products or services on site) or individuals whose activities do not contravene the EPA Statement of Faith and Vision Statement.

Part II Facility Rental – Contract Terms & Conditions

Persons or groups wishing to utilize EPA facilities must agree and abide by the following:

  1. A signed rental contract for the use of facilities shall be required for all users.  This contract shall include conditions of facility use and requirements for supplies and equipment.

  2. As required, the Church will arrange for a representative(s) from the Church to oversee general supervision of the event and the operation of the sound and lighting systems.  If no representative(s) are available, the facilities and/or resources will not be available.

  3. Officiating ministers or marriage commissioners must be a member of EPA pastoral staff or must be approved by the Lead Pastor (or designate) and be in alignment with EPA’s guiding values. 

  4. A damage deposit may be required upon confirmation.  All or part of the damage deposit may be withheld in case of damage or misuse of facilities.  If damage costs are higher than the deposit – the renter will be responsible for the additional damage. 

  5. EPA reserves the right to cancel the contract if contract terms are breached.  In the event the user cancels the contract within seven days of the designated function, EPA reserves the right to withhold all or portion of the rental deposit.  In the event that EPA requires an “unexpected use” (ie. funeral) of a portion or all facilities rented, EPA reserves the right to cancel, modify or reschedule the contract.

  6. In the event the planned function is cancelled by the renter, any expenses incurred by EPA shall be paid by the renter. 

  7. Use of the facility shall be in conformity to the City of Edmonton ordinances on fire, safety, smoking, parking, overcrowding, etc.  Hallways, stairwells, foyers, and all entrances must not be blocked at any time.  Exterior doors must NOT be propped open at any time.  Room capacity rules must be observed.

  8. Candles are permitted only if proper care is taken to make sure no wax falls on the floor or other surfaces. Tea-lights and smaller candles may be used only if contained under glass so that the flames do not exceed the top of the container. When using candelabras, drip catchers MUST be used on each candle. Evangel has drip catchers available – must pre-book on rental agreement.   Do not move candelabras with the candles lit or when the wax is still in liquid form.

  9. Small items such as popcorn, glitter, confetti, etc. are not allowed to be used in the church facilities or on the church property. 

  10. No tacks, staples or other fasteners are to used on any furniture, fixtures or other surfaces in the facility.  However sticky tack and/or masking tape may be discreetly used for hanging decorations on walls, but MUST be removed immediately after your event.

  11. If used, the kitchen area, including all stove surfaces and ovens shall be cleaned and counters disinfected with materials supplied by EPA.  Floors will be cleaned by custodial staff as part of the contract.

  12. No food or beverages are allowed in the sanctuary without prior approval from EPA.

  13. No pets or animals are allowed except those aiding persons with disabilities; without prior approval from EPA. 

  14. All rooms and other areas of the Church not specified in the rental contract are off limits.

  15. If the renter does not meet the requirements in the list above, EPA staff, at a rate of $25.00 per hour shall do the clean up.  This amount shall be deducted from (but not limited to) the damage deposit. 

  16. If children are present when adults are using the facilities, they must be under the proper supervision at all times and confined to the areas rented.  Nursery, Toddler rooms and/or gym must be booked to be used, extra charges will apply.

  17. No access to, nor operation of, the Church lighting or sound systems are permitted except by designated EPA trained personnel, unless prior arrangement has been granted and stated in the rental agreement.  Prior arrangement for such persons is required as part of the rental agreement.

  18. The Church musical equipment (drums, piano, microphones, etc.) are strictly off limits and shall not be moved from their location unless prior arrangement is made with EPA.

  19. The church computer systems, software and connections to the server are strictly off limits.  If Internet connections are required, prior arrangements must be made with EPA.

  20. The photocopiers and fax machine are not available for personal use.  

  21. Vehicles may park only in designated areas.

  22. Table linens will not be supplied by EPA and must be rented and returned separately at the expense of the renter. (unless otherwise pre-arranged with Connie at the church office a min. of 2 weeks prior)

  23. Church Furniture & Equipment (ie. tables, podiums, projectors, etc.) must be booked as part of rental contract.

  24. Alcohol or illegal drugs shall not be permitted on the Church grounds or in the Church building.

  25. Evangel is a ‘smoke-free’ facility.  Smoking of any sort is not permitted within the Church building.

  26. The Church building and Church grounds will not be used for dances, bingos or similar events. 

  27. The Church will not be rented or used for practices of rituals of any secret society or lodge.

  28. Any condition, activity, action or deed contrary to this Facility Rental Policy, EPA’s Guiding Values or Contract Terms shall be sufficient cause or reason to disallow or cancel and or evict any renter or guest thereof.

  29. Damage incurred by any member of the group attending including third parties (ie caterers) will be the responsibility of the renter. 

  30. Any renter or organization applicant who falsely represents himself or herself in the rental agreement shall be denied access to the Church facilities or grounds, and this shall be sufficient cause or reason to disallow or cancel/evict any renter or guest thereof.  Deposits may be forfeited.

  31. It is the responsibility of the renter to supervise those attending the event and insure they are aware of the conditions of this agreement. 

  32. The renter acknowledges that by signing this contract the renter will be responsible and liable for any injuries, harm, sickness, and or up to and including death of any person(s) arising from the event within the Church building or on the Church grounds including third parties (ie caterers).  

  33. The renter agrees to defend and indemnify Evangel Assembly and the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada against any loss they may suffer, or any claim, which may be brought against them, resulting from the planned event or under the conditions imposed by this agreement.

  34. The leadership of EPA reserves the right to rent or allow use of these premises only by individuals or groups compatible with EPA’s core values and statements and for the purposes which are compatible with Evangel Assembly’s objectives, goals, values and statements.

  35. Deposits are due upon signing this agreement and all remaining fees are due 30 days prior to the event.  Ongoing rentals will be invoiced monthly payable in advance of the rental date.  

  36. All pages of this Church Rental Policy form the basis of the rental agreement. 

Part III Guiding Values


We believe most assuredly that the Holy Scriptures are God’s final revelation and constitute our all-sufficient rule for faith and practice.  The church, by virtue of its affiliation with The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada, accepts the Statement of Fundamental & Essential Truths as approved by The Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada.  Copies of this document are available upon request or on-line (article 5 - PAOC General Constitution and Bylaws) at the following link:  http://www.paoc.org/


Love, Serve, Celebrate … GOD!


This document is intended to articulate the understanding of Scriptural teaching on human sexuality by the Board of Deacons of EPA. (24 Feb 2011 BOD Meeting)

  1. Creation and Sexuality:  God created man and women in His own image, and pronounced them good.  Human nature as created consists of a number of dimensions that influence one another.  Sexuality is one of these dimensions.

  2. God-honouring Expression of Sexuality:  All human activity, including the expression of sexuality, should have as its end the honouring of God.  Those pursuing godliness are to live lives of purity in thought, word and deed, including purity with reference to sexuality.  God is honoured by mutually intimate physical expression of sexuality when this expression occurs between a man and a woman within a monogamous marriage.

  3. Fallenness and Sexuality:  Through human disobedience to God, all dimensions of human nature, individually and collectively, have been corrupted.  Thus, human sexuality is subject to abuse and misuse which dishonours God.

  4. God-dishonouring Expression of Sexuality:  God is dishonoured by anything which displaces Him from His rightful place of priority in one’s life.  Therefore, He is dishonoured, for example, by sexual obsession, the intimate physical expression of sexuality outside of marriage, sexual activity between persons of the same sex, between an adult and a child, between close relatives, or between a person and an animal.

  5. Forgiveness and Sexuality:  While some temporal effects of sexual sins may remain, sexual sins, like any other sins, can be forgiven by God through Jesus Christ, upon confession and repentance.

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